Level hydraulic platform lift range is available in three different versions: Level MAP with constant pressure push button control in the car and automatic operation at floor; Level Plus with automatic operation both in the car and at floor; Level Matic, fully automatic with 4 panels, central opening doors or with 2 or 3 panels telescopic doors. Level is characterised by controlled speed and carrying capacity, especially designed to move people with impaired mobility. It complies with the various regulations and standards that are currently in force and is EC certified. Due to a reduction in the overall dimensions of both the lift and the structure supported frame (optional), the platformcan be easily installed both internally or externally. The modular structure enables a quick installation and reduced building work. It is supplied in a grey baked anti-corrosive painted finish (or galvanised for external applications), available with glass, sheet, insulated panel covering etc. The Level product range comprises 7 different models with carrying capacity of up to 500 kg (for MAP version). Available with one or two lift car entrances, they are supplied with a single hinged or automatic doors (for Matic version) which guarantees maximum safety. If an existing lift shaft is to be used, then non-standard dimensions are available on request allowing installation in every type of interior design.